In keeping with the zen nature of this special space, Sweat Vacay offers morning yoga in the garden at Cine Manto to relax and revive the mind, body, and soul. The waterfall trickles, the birds sing, and the leaves rustle with each peaceful breath. The Sweat Vacay team is so inspired by this magical venue, […]

BEYOND MYKONOS Luis Orozco painting exhibition

Mexican painter, Luis Orozco, has been painting in Mykonos for 55 years. He came to the island in 1960, and so was one of the first foreign artists to establish permanent residence on the island. His main motive is Mykonos itself. The architecture, the landscape, the people, even the strong wind enhances his inspiration. His vision […]

Live Greek music on the sea

The essence of Greek life – a very special day with Mykonos Cruise with live traditional Greek bouzouki music onboard. Accompanied by Greek delicacies buffet and chilled Greek wine. Mykonos Cruise provides a delightful and relaxing day enjoying the essence of Greek life in, on and next to the sea. With your own private 43’ […]